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Some Quick Notes From Work

Actually, I have a lot I should write about, since things are busy, but that's when I find it hardest to keep this thing updated. But here's a rundown:

1. I'm moving out of my beloved apartment -- my landlord won't fix my window and I don't want to deal with the drama that he and his wife live. I'll be moving in with a friend of mine. My feelings are mixed, mostly because I really enjoy having my own apartment -- but the place I'm moving to has a lot of things I like, so it's worth a shot.

2. Work is fine with the exception that I haven't gotten paid yet, and I still haven't been paid for the last week of my tutoring job, so I'm in money panic mode. No money, no gas in my car, no food in my fridge. I'm supposed to get paid next Tuesday. I'm hoping I get the tutoring check soon.

3. More stuff is happening with the Amancio Project. I'll try to make that a post of its own at some point.

4. Likewise, I should post something about Copenhagen (the play I'm directing next semester).

Also, I owe daowajan an email in Spanish -- I should do that this weekend, in between moving, and, er, moving.
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